Ofsted should be disbanded!

Why is this idea important?

Their bureaucratic burgeoning regulations are restricting basic teaching, by the constant threat of investigation and unplanned visits.

Teachers live in constant fear of this Gestapo-like organisation, which takes time and resource away from focusing on the children.

It is also affecting child minding severely, through the insistence that caring for children be part of the national curriculum. It is leading to the best child minders leaving the industry resulting in escalating difficulty for working parents to find suitable safe environments for their children while they are at work. The expectation that in the holidays and before and after school, child care should be educational is ludicrous. Parents don’t provide such care so why should a child minder, who are not teachers.

This organisation is removing civil liberties by preventing parents from having their children cared for to their requirements and by limiting the ability of teachers to spend time with their children at school due to unnecessary bureaucracy.

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