This doesnt really fit here in this category but it doesnt fit any other either. Why is the government spending 50 million building a target shooting venue at Woolwich when there are fantastic facilities at Bisley which is the home of British shooting? If the government gave a 10 million grant to Bisley to upgrade some of the facilities then there would be a long lasting legacy from the Olympics. The current plan to build a state of the art stadium for shooting for the Olympics at a cost of 50 million only to tear it down immediately after the Olympics at a cost of another 10 million is a HUGE waste of money. It is not too late to rectify this matter to save a vast amount of money and leave a lasting legacy but unless it is done in the very near future then it will be too late and the coalition will have missed an opportunity to not only do some good but also save the country a sizeable amount of money that could be far better used elsewhere.

Why is this idea important?

It will show that the current goverment does actually listen to the public and is genuine in its claims to want to save the cou ntry money and get us back on a stable financial footing. I am aware tht 50 million is not a huge amount of money in the big picture but it is a way of showing that the government is serious in cutting out wastage. 50 million would be freed up for something important like the NHS. There are probably other areas of the Olympics and venues that could be big money savers by upgrading existing facilities rather than building new ones just to be ripped down afterwards. Please give this serious thought as it could make a huge difference to the amount that the Olympics will cost the Nation

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