Currently it is neccessary to have a CRB check for each organisation you volunteer for. It is a disincentive.  Make one CRB check cover all organisations even if it needs to be more comrehensive initially. Eliminate the need for a CRB check where the volunteer is only going to volunteer once for a few hours.  Consider whether in some cases references could take the place of checks.

Why is this idea important?

CRB checking in its preent format is a disincentive to volunteers. It particularly impacts on the retired generation who may well have spent most of their lives volunteering and view it as an insult.

One Reply to “One CRB check to cover all organisation, eliminate need for one act of volunteering and replace with references for some categories of people”

  1. I agree that we should have univeral DBS/CRB’s but i do not agree with some of the reasons above. These checks are vital in protecting children and other vunerable people. So this retired generation need to humble themselves and get over it, the checking process is not about them, its about the protection of people!

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