It is ludicrous that I now have three CRB certificates running simultaneously. I am a retired Minister of Religion in my 78th year. I have one CRB as a Minister, one as a retired Minister, and one as a volunteer taking people without transport to Hospitals in various parts of the South West for a local Charity.

This is tantamount  to making a car driver with a licence having to apply again if s/he wants to go to Bognor and not Bournemouth. It is hugely wasteful of the money of many charities, now having to fork out £60 for each one, all of which appear to be identical. When a supply teacher is needed urgently by a school, s/he has to wait for umpteen weeks for Capita to get round to dealing with it yet again: some teachers end up with so many of these things that it is hardly worth their time being willing to supply.  A modicum of Common sense, if there is any to be found in the system, would be welcome. An annual CRB would be preferable, as with a MoT

Why is this idea important?

CRB's are hugely wasteful of Charitable money.  I have seen a figure of £350 million being dropped down the drain because whoever set this system up hadn't the nous to realise that an individual doesn't change when he is walking somewhere with his brown shoes on, or his black shoes.  By the time many supply teachers have got through the system fo get the now necessary extra CRB, the school term will be over, and the original teacher back in place again.


It is a laughable set-up,: and what does Capita do with all the extra money it gets entirely without reason?

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