The previous government has put us into the position where millions of people now need to declare criminal records and even unproven allegations to obtain employment. Alongside this, New Labour created many new crimes and measures to deal with petty/ public order offences such as ASBOs, Fixed Penalty Notices, a range of cautions etc that are solely mediated by the Police so do not go through the criminal justice system where a burden of proof is needed to obtain a 'guilty' verdict.

If a person receives a caution, FPN etc these are recorded on a permanent electronic record and have to be declared when seeking the enhanced CRB- which is currently required by approx a quarter of all employers. The enhanced CRB may also contain details of unproven allegations, which is an affront to the human rights of the individual concerned.

There needs to be a new 'catch-all' bill passed along the lines of 'resettlement of offenders' that ensures that those who make one silly mistake, especially at a young age, and those who have been subject to unproven allegations do not have the rest of their lives and employment opportunities blighted by this.

Why is this idea important?

Many of the postings on this website describe lives ruined, often at very young ages by this draconian system. This is not morally acceptable in a liberal democracy, and moreover, it is incredibly wasteful as the whole working population then ends up supporting people who cannot seek employment on a level playing field with other applicants.

If people who cannot obtain employment turn to crime due to not being able to find a job because they are having to continually disclose an old misdemeanour or unproven allegation, this costs us even more, to put them through the criminal justice system. In many cases this may happen multiple times as they continue on this downward spiral.

This is complete insanity and needs to be dealt with once and for all.

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