All we need to do is have three doctors. The GP of the patient and two more chosen at random, so no-one would be able to influence any one beforehand. The patient would need to be spoken to on their own without any members of the family present. They could present their findings to a main body and then it could be decided

Why is this idea important?

The main argument against this is that it will be abused by family. How? It will have to be controlled, we can’t just have one of the family put a pillow over Granny’s face and say it’s what she wanted, and she asked me to do it.


I would just like to tell you about my dad who was a very hard un-emotional man who always said ‘give me the needle’ of’ have me put down’ if he saw a person with a poor quality of life on TV or somewhere.


However, when it came to it, he was an incontinent skeleton on the bed and the doctors had asked us to talk him out of any further chemotherapy as there was no point it was just a matter of time. He would not discuss it. He never gave up fighting to hang on to life. He would not discuss anything about a funeral, his financial situation, we wanted him to allow my mother to sign his cheques so that she could pay the bills, and he was a nightmare. So what I am saying is most people know exactly what they want. I know that this will not cover all aspects of dying with dignity but for God’s sake let us start somewhere.


A cancer victim cannot kill themselves because their insurance won’t pay out. If their family helps them they can end up in jail. This is madness. We are keeping people alive with the most awful quality of life, wasting valuable resources and putting family members through a living hell.


Why can a vet put an animal down, put a horse out of it’s misery but a human has to go on suffering?

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