It would appear that immigrants are attracted to the UK by the ease with which benefits can be obtained and also the range of benefits available . I am not sure what are the criteria for immigrants at present i.e is there a hold back period for which no benefits are paid , or do they have to have been in work for 6 or 12 months paying tax ? We should compare our benefits to say France, Ireland, Holland , Belgium and make sure that our rules for eligability are more stringent and less generous . We should also fingerprint claimants , check identities and cross reference addresses rigourously to minimise benefit fraud.

Why is this idea important?

This initiative would remove one of the most attractive reasons for Immigrants wanting to come to the uk. Britain is becoming overrun with immigrants , many of them good hard working people , but many more see the uk as an easy touch

Reducing the amount of benefit paid would aid the Government's need to find savings , and the Border Police would find their job easier if the attractiveness of coming to the uk waqs reduced

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