Dog control orders punish those who like to give their dogs the right to run and play while still under voice or whistle control instead of just penalising those who do not care and allow their dogs to be a nuisance to others. This law is unfair on those who really love their dogs and take the time and trouble to ensure they are trained so as not to be a threat to other users of open spaces. Modern leads can now be extended to as long as 20/30feet so won't stop those whose dogs are not trained to behave from frightening children/adults by running up to or jumping up at them uninvited, or attacking other dogs.  Designated areas for dogs to run free don't work either. If someone with an unfriendly dog is using the area it stops others using it. If a dog is playing and is well behaved, and under it's owners/walkers control, then they should be allowed to run free. Those who do not ,or cannot, control their dog should be fined and made to take their dog to classes.

Why is this idea important?

The current legislation penalises the majority because of the failings of the few. We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers and should not deny a dog, and the owner, the right to enjoy life and get the excersise they both need. 

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