Propose to open up UK, Civil Service, Code of Service, allow citizens to bring Civil Servants to task, be challenged when decisions taken without fact and based only what within psychiatry is human experimentation. 


Why is this idea important?


Politicians are more and more and is rightly so becoming subject further regulation. 

For those who work day-in day-out year-after-year administration of whatever party of those are Civil Service.

These our backbone becoming ever bent, twisted and off-line from society, we see gaps widening between poor and rich and many UK, Civil Servants laden with debt no longer have the necessary thinking instead turning to market reports or professionals linked direct earning a living; making money from advice. 

Exists a code, cover Scotland, England & Wales, is existence to uphold honest opinions, integrity and honest correct decision making.

Examine America, the pharmaceutical global domination particular regards psychiatric drugs, the level of civil servant losses for inappropriate behaviour involves finances or monies earned outside government pay check is a worry. 

The onslaught of marketed drugs the very basis of psychiatry and theory based medications without method of action proves how to sell a good story when no facts are available. 

Zero of those facts every materialise (found) from a UK, Civil Servant.

 Man is no animal, many are too hungry for money or the lack from high debt and they forget reality. 

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