In some companies (sometimes large ones) they employ temps who are disallowed the right to apply for the better jobs even if those same jobs are being done by the temps themselves. 

This happened to me when the job I was doing as a temp for a few months was subsequently advertised and I was told `this job is for permanent staff only`. I heard that it was because the organisation had done a deal with the unions to shut out temps and `outsiders` from applying for the jobs.

I hasten to add that this organisation is a very large organisation currently owned by the state!



Why is this idea important?

It's important not to protect a `two-tier` system of employment – in the organisation I described the less attractive jobs were given to temps while the other jobs were given to the `lucky ones` who were in the permanent roles.

These changes would help promote social mobility, assist British business to cope with the challenges ahead and promote equality of employment chances.

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