A tv licence fee that the individual tax payer can either opt in or opt out of depending on whether they would want the bbc channels and services.

Why is this idea important?

The licence fee is 145.50 and could possibly rise further over the next few years. The licence fee is nearly all directly or indirectly paid to the bbc.

The licence fee should be optional for the public and those who do not watch or use the bbc services or channels or do not intend to.

There is no argument for the licence fee to be a tax on the ownership of the tv that is primarily funding the bbc.

One Reply to “Opt in-opt out tv licence fee”

  1. This is a good idea because it is fair. For my part, the very idea that you have to pay to own a TV is from a bygone era when television was new, it was an addition to the national broadcaster which at the time was a patriotic Service, Its roots were patriotic but it has over the years, gradually had this patriotic mind set replaced with an anti British outlook, never more obvious than their blatant bias during the Brexit issue, that continues even now. As a source of news, it has totally ignored the balance expected by failing to report any unrest and demonstrations that are on going within their beloved EU. There has been unbelievable violence dished out to protesters in Paris and yet the BBC chose not to broadcast it. It is time for this model of the BBC to self finance, not by a legalized larceny.

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