My idea is that we should opt out all EU procurement directives, in particular the The Public Contracts and Utilities Contracts (Amendment)
Regulations 2007 and the EU Remedies Directive (Council Directive 2007/66/EC).

Instead we should put a general responsibility on Public Bodies to ensure value for money in all their activities and use normal governance best practice to monitor performance.

Why is this idea important?

The EU Procurement Regulations add cost to both the private sector and the public sector. This extra cost does not secure better value for money for the public sector, nor does it secure a fairer outcome for the private sector bidders.

The high cost of bidding for contracts excludes smaller companies

In particular the new implementation of the new remedies directive has made the process slower and more expensive and may indeed act as an incentive for public bodies to in-source previously out-sourced services because of the increased risk of challenge.

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