The U.K. would almost certainly be much better off without full membership of the European Union. However immediate total withdrawal would cause too many problems. Piecemeal withdrawal by opting out of one area at a time would more practical.

We would no doubt be told by Brussels that we may not. However the Queen in Parliament has the power to repeal legislation and if necessary abrogate treaties.

As a start we should opt out of the the common fisheries policy that has all but destroyed the British fishing industry, and caused huge  losses of fish stocks. We should follow the example of Iceland, among others, to claim maximum territorial waters reserved for our fishermen. We need to set up large fishing free zones to allow stocks to recover and spread out from them. Other nations have tried this and it works. The few areas in U.K. waters where this has been tried on a small scale have also been successful.

If we can successfully revive our fishing fleets it would not only provide a lot of employment  in fishing, but also bring increased prosperity to many harbour towns.

Why is this idea important?

A successful fishing industry would increase G.N.P. and improve balance of payments, so worthwhile in itself. It would even more importantly be a first step towards the U.K.  government and parliament recovering the right to rule ourselves in the imterests of our country.

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