The way the current system works,everybody is automatically opted in the medical record database system. My idea is to  make it neccessary for you the patient to opt into the system rather than opt out. The database managers should have to sell their idea to the patients, so that the patients can make an informed decision on this matter rather than automatically being added to this centralised database system.

Why is this idea important?

The idea behind  database systwm is that it allows medical professionals the opportunity access a patient's medical records, on a computer with a few clicks on the compter mouse so that in times of emegencies doctors and nurses will know whether a patient has some alleges to types of medicines etc penicillin.

The problem with this system is that its far too open to abuse. Potentially everybody in this country will have their medical records uploaded to the database without even giving an expressed permission. This database will be available to be opened not only by doctors and nurses but clinic receptionists, support workers and potentially by charites who may want to contact medical survives of cancer etc. Also its not beyond the realms of possiblities to be opened to media abuse. How long will we have to wait before we see the media headlines "celebritiy has had a drug problem for years" or "local primary school teacher suffers from suicidal tendencies" before the public unrest in such a database becomes obvious.

I am from London why should someone be able to access my  private medical records from somewhere in a village in high hills of scotland. The database system in my opinon is too big, too intrusive, it trounces all over cilvil liberties and has big brother written all over it. The police have a criminal database  but i am led to believe that they have departments that moniter all data accessed by officers'. This stops the local copper checking up on their daughter's new boyfriend etc etc. Who is going to monitor the NHS staff who access this database. There are so many people who could potentially access this database you would need a police force to monitor it.  Bear in mind there are no limits to what can be put on such a database system, i.e. opinons of the doctor on a patient character could be added and justified  as a way for medical staff to have an idea of a patients chracter i.e. hypochondriac, attention seeker

My basic idea which is not a supreme suggestion  just a basic one is that we as patients to the nhs should be allowed to opt into the database system rather than have to opt out. Change the current system and allow us to decide if we want to join the medical records database.

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