Currently you can renew your tax disc on line. If it fails to arrive on time or gets stolen or lost in the post you can get a replacement. However if the current disc has expired you cannot use the vehicle on the road, not because its not taxed, but because you are not displaying a current disc , until the new disc arrives.

It should be an offence to have a vehicle on the road if its not taxed not if the tax disc displayed is out of date.

The tax status can be checked by the authorities, on line, in seconds using the registarion number rather than relying on a bit of paper in the windscreen.

The current law means if your disc is stolen you can be fined but the person who has stolen it and is using it on an untaxed  vehicle isn't.

Why is this idea important?

This recognises the change in technology whereby verification of tax status of a vehicle is instantly available and not reliant on a bit of paper stuck to the windscreen.

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