Outlaw corporal punishment in the household.

We are one of the many countries who have outlawed men physically abusing woman as a form of punishment. Therefore, the situation with corporal punishment in the household has improved recently. However, there is one family memeber in the household we have forgotten. The most vulnerable in society, the one without a voice: the child.
Discipline is essential during the upbrining of children. It shows them the difference between right and wrong. However, many parents take punishment a little too far. Children who are physically punished are more likely to become egocentric and antisocial throughout and after their childhood.

My idea is to outlaw the smacking of children. This is now the 21st century, the true harm of physical punishment towards children has been revealed just as the true harm of violence between spouses has. Yes, many children don't know the difference between right and wrong. However, they also don't know the difference between a "reasonable chastisement" and abuse. Why should we open the gate for abusive, drunk, or drug-abusing parents to beat their child just to allow an old-fasioned, degrading, dangerous and ineffective method of discipline to remain legitimite?

Why does this idea matter?

With the high number of children being abused, it is more important than ever to ensure that children are aware that no other person on earth has the right to be violent towards them. They should be aware that misbevaviour will result in consequences, for example school and imprisonment. However, we have to remember that a child of 3 – 6 years old will be aware that 'mummy' or 'daddy' is allowed to 'hit them for being naughty'.. but how will a child of this age know that the use of a heavy implement, a punch, or a severate beating is not allowed? Parents do abuse the right to use corporal punishment, and as a result cause children to live in fear. They should fear the consequences of doing wrong, but they should not fear their parents.

Smacking children without a doubt causes children to become more violent. Don't we have enough of this in society already? The anti-social children we see on the street, are not children who have had a lack of discipline. They are children who have had the wrong discipline. They have been shown how to be violent and how to bully (threaten someone with physical punishment if they do not so as you please), instead of being given slightly more time-consuming, but more effective and safe methods of discipline. Let's have less of these anti-social children on our streets.

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