Rid the country of these mobile speed camera vans. They Call them safety camera vans which has to be the biggest insult in the world.

The safety camera vans in my region hide behind bushes and round corners of well know places where the flow of traffic quite safely flows above 70mph.

There is nothing safe about these vans, they provide no public service and are the EXPLICITLY to fine and point the general public. As we know the 70mph is completely out dated and these vans are ruthless with there speed settings. if you sit in a row of traffic traveling between 75 – 82 you will be stung 60 and 3 points. If you see these cawards in the bush and hit your breaks you cause an accident or at the very least cause photom traffic queues as everybody hits the breaks.

Whats more insult is this service has been out source to private contractors whose primary goal is number and revenue.

Why is this idea important?

As a high frequency user of the roads for work I have to use the motorways alot. I have paid more than my fair share of fines "to the state" just for trying to keep up with traffic.

ITs about time this cancer was stamped out, they cause more problems and fix nothing.  There are pleanty of comments here calling for the max road limit on highways to be abolished. This should go hand in hand with getting rid of these "criminal makers".

If they run short of revenue as aresult then a good idea would be to reuse these vans to actually track real problems like

1) dangerous drivers

2) middle lane hoggers

3) tail gaters

4) racers

Not the commuter travveling to work.

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