Plse scrap laws that stop parents making basic parental decisions for themselves and force them to rely on Whitehall to look for every decision on how to be a parent, particularly where "health and safety" is concerned and misuse of phrases such as "child protection and child cruelty" have become prevalent. 

Why is this idea important?

On taking my 7 yr old to an indoor ski dome, I was told she could only do 45 minutes under "child protection laws". The Ski Dome staff confirmed that it was child protection laws that prevented them from allowing her to do 2 x 45 minute sessions on a shallow 10 metre slope. She loves the snow, loves skiiing, can do several hours if she so wished on the Continent (and scores of children do), and yet here is banned. I would not want my child to suffer, would look after her interests as a parent etc and find this kind of nannying extremely intrusive and ultimately a preventor of children doing activities.  How many other such sports/activities are affected by this draconian intrusion?

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