We should remove laws that force social landlords to move large families to larger houses once their children reach a certain age. I am sure there are lots of home owners who are forced to have their children share a bedroom because they cannot afford to buy a bigger home. it seems unfair that social landlords are forced to move tenants to bigger homes or spend large sums of money on building extensions to aviod breaching overcrowding legislation.

Why is this idea important?

If landlords are forced to move families to larger houses this means that the housing benefit bill will increase. Where the housing benefit cap comes into play, it means that landlords are forced to more tenants into properties for which they will be unable to pay the full rent. This means they will get into arrears and may end up loosing their home. Surely it is better to allow older children to share a bedroom than to set off on a path that may eventually cause the family even more problems.

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  1. i agree but i dont own my own home i am a private tenant who rents my house my children have to share a room . local councils should not have to move some one because of over crowding if your over crowded its your own fault !

  2. I disagree with this totally. Many families in in London are outrageously overcrowded. It is known that overcrowding causes enormous stresses on families. This can include parental breakdown,education underachievement, and mental health stress for all the family. It is not acceptable in a first world country as ours, to allow mixed sex teenagers/ older children to have to share very small bedrooms, with each other or/and there parents. This is something you would expect in a third world country.
    I know of several families who have had to share mother and father, with there one child, in a small one bedroom flat. I know one family, (who rents privately), who has three children in a one bedroom flat. All of have at least one partner working and in some cases two parents working full time! All can not find anything remotely affordable in the private rented sector where they would not be overcrowded as rents have gone up to such a high level in the past 5 years.
    Me and my partner work very hard , we are never going to be hot shot lawyers or stoke brokers, but we contribute to society and pay are bills. We currently rent privately a two bedroom flat, for ourselves and two children of mixed sex. We are lucky as the flat is at a very decent price and not at market level rental price. However we would not be able to move as we could not afford to rent another two bedroom flat and certainly not a three bedroom flat in London. I was quoted by an estate agent that they go for £1700 per month ! And that is in a part grotty part of south east London, in a grotty flat. We are totally out of the housing market to buy. And the affordable part buy part rent does not build three bedroom flats in our area. When we become overcrowded as my children are a boy and a girl, I hope social housing could be a possible option for my family.

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