I agree that there should be drugs such as heroin legalised and distributed in a safe way. Methadone as a substitute causes more deaths than heroin and is a worse addiction. I have seen this first hand.When a drug addict needs help , its needed right away, putting on a waiting list when deperate is no answer. I honestly think that Rehabs should be built in every major city or town so that help is available soonest rather than later. I hope that this will happen as it will take lots of cr ime off the table and run out the dealers who make money out of peoples misery, threatening and killing daughters and sons    who are addicted and effects all families all over. Big time dealers should be charged with murder when discovered that they suplied and addict who has od`d with dirty heroin etc. The law is to  soft on dealers. I have read  sugestions     about age limits on drug users getting heroin instead of methadone. Addiction has no age limits. Treat when needed, not Make a 15 year old wait till 25 for treatment or clean heroin. Many are dead by that time.Treat it as an illness like alcoholism is and treat the person.some addicts have had terrible lives that made them take drugs to shut it out. help not criticism is needed

Why is this idea important?

It will help people stay out of crime and help famillies  with kids on drugs get help they need and treatment in a proper way safe way, running drug dealers our of our country. It will never stop any other way and crime will rise.Drugs come in from all over the world,  for each one  you catch there are hundreds ready to take their place. take distribution out of their hands and run them out and save our kids

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