First time parents should be made to carry out Parenting Skills courses or Family Nurturing as Sure Start call them.  It should also apply to parents whose children repeatedly offend.  I know this is probably the opposite to what you wish to hear.  However, I strongly feel that anti-social behaviour stems from poor parenting skills and unfortunately, if your parent had poor skills how is the next generation going to thrive or develop.  I came from an upbringing where you were shouted at and hit first and guess what, when I found myself a single parent I did exactly that.  A child mimics its parents behaviour and attitude and if the parent is ill-prepared how can the child be expected to be any better.  I was intelligent enough to know what was happening had to change, but I didn't know how to.  I asked for help, but it took numerous accounts of phoning and asking health visitors before I was referred, I was desperate, if I had been that way inclined, well I don't really want to go there.  These courses should be made more accessible, I went on a 10 week course and made new friends and found new support systems that, just weren't available to me prior because my parents were set in their ways.  I was so set in my ways, I attended the course twice and why not? 


However, my point is yes, at first it may sound as though the government may be infringing on other peoples liberties but, in fact if there were some law or policy drawn up where you had to comply with attending these courses, it does in fact liberate the parent.  It could also be introduced into schools as a preventative measure to teenage pregnancies.

Why is this idea important?

Make society more understanding towards their childrens needs and in turn less anti-social behaviour and more respect towards adults and the more vulnerable sectors of the community.

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