Many parents these days do not back the school when their children are accused of wrong doing. 

We should adopt the same system as used in France, where parents have to sign a contract to the effect that they,(the parents), will ensure their children will obey the school rules. The school rules are set out in full on the contract. It is also written into the contract what the consequences will be if the rules are not upheld.

In this way the parents, the children and the school know where they stand. 

Why is this idea important?

I believe parents should be held totally responsible for their children until they become adults.

Any crime they commit during their childhood is primarily their responsibility, and as such any damage their child causes should be paid for by them. If the parents were fined for the crimes of their children it would make them take their responsibility more seriously.

Discipline in schools is very poor making the teacher's jobs almost impossible.

 When these children leave school to enter employment, they are impossible to deal with.

They will not obey rules or respect anyone, they totally disrupt the work place. And this is all because they have never been taught discipline.

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