i believe that it was in margret thatchers  era that a law was introduced where parents were no longer allowed to control their children  whilst i would never agree with a child being beaten. if a child is out of control .a quick slap on the bottom would normaly  stop the situation getting worse. before all you do gooders start lecturing me just look around you today .parents are not allowed to punish their children look in any newspaper when did it become acceptable for a young person to kick an old person in the back and run off  laughing .when did it become acceptable for youngsters to roam about the streets late at night and we the public are not allowed to say anything. when did it become acceptable for  groups of youngsters to terrorize innocent people in their homes and on the street. how have we allowed some areas in our citys to become no go areas and its getting worse  the police cannot be expected to do what parents and teachersare not allowed to do children today quote the law  better than any solictor . it is time that control was given back to the adults   sadly some children  will get beaten  no matter  how many laws are made hopefully social services  will step in . but it is time to act now

Why is this idea important?

its all about respecting each other..youngsters today have no respect for their parents or teachers or.any kind of authority  the government  has got to give the parents back the right to control their children discipline should really begin at home .and then the teachers will have some backing when they need support at school  instead of softly softly.with the kids  boot camp might be one idea to consider.

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