1-90% OF CITIZENS DO PARK REASONABLE  and should not be punished by genuine mistakes as most signs in different borough are  always confusing. You can have three different restrictions in one section of the road.

The government should make it easier to challenge these penalties and ensure that the councils are not trigger happy when issuing tickets.

2-Paying to park at hospitals should be abolished .

3-Clamping companies should never be allowed to charge spot fines ..In fact they should be either abolished or the fines regulated and paid through the local county court on their justification and decision in the presence of an MP or his represantive .Motorists will be happy to fund such a cause.

4-The Office of the Ombusman is beyond the reach of may and the government should make it readily accessible.

5-The bailliffs should be rigorously regulated

Why is this idea important?

1-Since the government has handed over all the authority to the local councils, 90% of these councils have been making families lives miserable and taking away their hard earned cash meant to feed their families in parking fines.The amount of money you pay for not paying a £1.00 or for ticket that has expired is not proportional.

2-We all pay huge tax to fund these hospitals

3-Citizens have been ripped of amounts ranging from £100 to £700 as each individual clamping companies set their own charge as they wish, they have abused it to its maximum and under the current law the police cannot interverne to stop these abuses.

4-The office of the ombusman , the consumer council, the then office of fair trading has dismally failed to protect citizens from unscruplus employers, bailliffs  and financial instititions like banks and insurance companies and service providers like mobile phone companies and companies like sky who force citizens to a 12 months contract no-matter how dissatisfied you are with their services.

5- Balliffs i have dealt with charged me a penalty of  £260 for a payment of £60 delayed by 2days which is ridiculous.

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