It used to be a rule that a parking ticket had to be stuck on your windscreen or handed to you as the driver for it to be valid.  If you drove away before either of these took place any ticket issued afterwards was not valid.

The anti-motorist organisation Transport for London decided to change this a couple of years ago.  Regulation 10 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 states that in "drive away" cases an enforcement authority could issue a ticket by post if the parking warden had started to prepare or had printed out the ticket at street level.  This is not only wrong, but a rather silly and largely unworkable regulation. 

The drive away rule was right in principle since authorities did away with any meaningful observation time before a ticket was issued.  But besides this, most enforcement authorities have decided not to use Regulation 10 because in most cases it's difficult to prove that a contravention has occurred, and because of all the caveats and exemptions that went with Regulation 10.  So Transport for London have overstepped the mark with this one and Regulation 10 is a bad rule and should be repealed.


Why is this idea important?

Because it's right in principle that where there is on-street enforcement a parking ticket has to be served at street level for it to be valid – despite Transport for London's evident annoyance that too many motorists had been "getting away with it" by driving off before this could be done.

Also, because Regulation 10 is largely unworkable and not used by most authorities.  Most parking ticket appeals where Regulation 10 was involved have been upheld, and it is therefore a waste of time and money for enforcement authorities to pursue alleged contraventions in these circumstances.

3 Replies to “Parking tickets issued by post when cars are driven away.”

  1. Absolutely right that this stupid rule should be abolished. I have quoted it on the government’s website which asks the public which laws and regulations they think should be done away with. The trouble is, authorities’ reluctance to enforce it has given rise to more instances of parking wardens lying that they served a PCN at street level when they didn’t.

  2. this is stupid – Councils are faced with a choice of either more use of CCTV cameras or introduction of regulation 10 by on street officers. Significantly the POLICE take parking, vehicle and traffic offences more seriously as there are too many idiots on the road (and the fact even the POLICE now accept this is a new thing!).
    Morally – if you own and drive a car in London you deserve to be taxed to the hilt as you are obviously a selfish, arrogant, rich, lazy and stupid human being…and legally? Regulation 10 (VDA) PCNs are rock solid embedded within the legislation framework and principles going back to the 1980s and specifically detailed in 2007 guidelines…and are fairer than CCTV issued tickets which are more commonly wrongly issued but harder to fight against.

    1. false information instaled into a mind creates false idea. you should worry more about the volcano that erupts and pollutes the atmosphere with more CO2 gas and Poison than the whole history of mankind combined ever than somebody in a car. the false guidance of information in your mind is driving you to think wrong. (mind control) just the same as santa controls a child’s mind;-)

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