Re-imbue in MPs the idea that they are public servants.

This subject is potentially huge and covers too much to put on this site. However, there are a few easy to implement ideas:

*   When an MP (or a local councillor) crosses the floor, he/she should be subject to a new ballot. When these people are voted for it is usually on a party ticket and so changing their minds is not adhering to their election promises

*   If and when an MP is found to be abusing the position parliament must be able to fire that person immediately. It should not be the case that the offender can simply hang around for the rest of the parliament before facing the constituents in an election contes

*   The number of MPs should be reduced to around the 400 mark. It really does not take nearly 700 MPs to run this country – plus the House of Lords.

*   Redraw the constituency map so that each one has approximately the same size of population (accept that there will be some anomalies like the Isle of Wight

*   Require that all MPs actually attend the house for a minimum period during each session. It cannot be right that there are so many empty seats where important measures are being debated. If the low attendance (or non) is indicative ot the low level of interest in and the small importance of the measure under discussion – cancel it

*   Ensure that MP's benefits such as subsidised restaurants, bars, crèches, etc. are declared as such for tax purposes in the same way as everyone else in this country  


Why is this idea important?


This idea is important because MPs use public money and other resources and their behaviour should be exemplary. The public needs to be able to trust and look up to their representatives. 

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