To repeal Part 5 of the 2005 SOCPA , which states that an animal rights activist can go to jail for 5 years for writing a letter, or particpating in protest.

Why is this idea important?


Regarding animal rights activism; In a time when we refer to ourselves as civilised and intelligent beings, the act of removing ones right to speak, act and protest, suggests the opposite.

The government already posses the ability to treat non humans as they wish, and to further try to gag those who, with the best of intentions, fight for necessary change within the law, a change that is essential in moving the human race forward, is oppresive.

People should be able to make their voices heard, especially regarding issues of this relevance. Threats of violence or initmidation are a seperate issue, no one should recieve 5 years jail for writing a letter through the best of intentions.

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