scrap part p, its a tax on the smaller business and mostly red tape that isnt making properties any safer as diy centres are still selling electrical items, and even giving out guides to the general public, to allow them to do electrics that they have no experience of touching from day one, its another load of problems to help with the running of honest hard working businesses  but cowboys can get away with it and not get anything done to them, its a fact that the biggest cause of fire is caused by chip pans and faulty appliances not by the actual wiring inside the walls of a property, or because diy home owner has done something that isnt safe all because he can get the stuff from diy shop up the road, lets scrap this part p idea and get back to proper decent electricians and make it where by diy centres are not allowed to sell to joe public, ie only through electrical wholesalers, where by you have to be in the actual trade and known to be an electrician. ban diy centres buying the equipment problem solved!

Why is this idea important?

this is important because of people safety, if the person doing the work cannot test and inspect the work, or even if they cannot get the items needed then there is only one route of purchasing the stuff through whoelsalers, i certainly dont think joe public should be able to get hold of electrical fuse boards etc,

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