Patients are being forced to see dentists, which their local pct is giving taxpayers money to. Patients cannot see the dentist they wish to see, if that dentist has not been given funding by their pct. Funding should go with the patient and not where the pct's decide. Tony Blair admitted himself that the new contract has failed, and the NHS is pumping in more good money into the system, when it shoud be wisely used, if not cut. The new system of tendering is flawed.

Why is this idea important?

It is freedom of choice, patients were allowed this privalige before this new contract, and now they can't. Patients always complain about it, but it is out of our hands and up to the pct how they wish to distribute the funding. Alot of these new practices opened 6 months before the general election, when Labour went on a spending spree, so were they even needed, especially when dentists are just hitting their targets. Therefore alot of the money is wasted, it is not improving dental health as the contract is flawed and does allow dentist to carry out their job properly, as it has so much red tape around it. Yet more money is being allowed to be spent this way, because it has been ring fenced.

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