My civil libery is to be able to walk along a pavement without  having to negotiate around vehicles that have park on it, it is an offence under the Highway code to drive and park on the pavement, so please introduce a law which protects all pavement users such as Children, disabled people, blind and wheelchair bound, at present we have no law that states its an offence to park a vehicle on a pavement, we have many laws such as a driver of a vehicle must not  use a mobile phone whilst driving a moving vehicle; failure to wear a seat belt not that I want people injured but the only person who invariable gets hurt if they do not wear a seat belt is the person not complying with the law. Both of these being very difficult to Police.  Many groups and assosiations are trying to get this law introduced so that pavements are safe places to proceed along. I believe the Government have duty of care to all persons who use pavements, not introducing this law show the lack of concern for our children and other legal pavement  users.

Why is this idea important?

To ensure the safety of pavement users from children, blind and disabled people, wheelchair bound people and the normally fit person who does not own a car and who has to use pavements.

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