If a pensioner lives in the European Union their pension rises with inflation, exactly the same as if they live in the UK. But if they live in almost anywhere else their pension is frozen.

Why? It's exactly the same person and they have built up the same contributions and paid the same tax over heir working life.

The real reason is because pensions are not part of an insurance scheme at all, but a way of keeping the elderly off Government's back. Better a pension than a means tested benefit they think. Not so, pensioners have paid National Insurance and Tax all their lives and a pension is an earned entitlement, not Charity.

If someone wants to retire to Martinique or Florida or Egypt why shouldn't they? Of course no-one should be complled to do so, but for many people it is their dream. Don't cut their pension in real terms by 2-3% each year.

And there are financial benefits – in many countries they can get Care for less than in the UK, and certainly without the carer and family having to emigrate to the UK, so it is Win-Win for pensioners and taxpayers.

Why is this idea important?

It is fundamentally unfair that pensions are paid at different rates depending on geography.

People should be free to retire where they want without a financial penalty.

Care costs can be lower abroad.

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