If the same amount of State Pension was paid to all pensioners there would be no need for all the form filling and top-up benefits to ensure that pensioners have a sufficient amount.

Since people who have not fulfulled the criteria – ie number of N.I. stamps over their working life – do not get the full  pension amount, they can currently apply for benefits to increase their state pension to the full amount. 

Paying a set amount to all, whilst at first appearing to cost money, would in fact allow us to get rid of a whole layer of administration which would therefore save money in the long term.

Why is this idea important?

Although paying the same full State Pension to all pensioners might appear to be a costly exercise, it would in fact save money as currently there are numerous Civil Servants employed simply to administer the 'top-up' benefits.

There is also concern that many elderly people do not in fact claim these top-up benefits, being either unaware of them or even put off by the complex form-filling and calculations involved.  By paying a 'one-size-fits-all' pension, no-one would slip through the net.

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