At the moment instalments are calculated by dividing the total council tax bill by ten and paying ten instalments starting from 1st April. I'm a pensioner who at the behest of the government has my annual retirement pension paid by thirteen instalments over the year.  Why can't I pay my council tax by the same token i.e. thirteen payments over the year.

   I've tried to get an answer from my district and county councils but there is no one so deaf who as those who won't hear!  What other organisation gets 10% of its income in advance, even before the tax year starts and is paid in full after nine months and one day?

Why is this idea important?

State Retirement Pensioners live on a tight but regular income.  Council tax is a major drain on their budgets it would help considerably if they could pay council tax as they are paid their pensions, i.e. thirteen regular payments over the tax/council tax year.  As icing-on-the-cake, with a little ingenuity, get the council tax to be paid as a direct debit from their pension!

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