The old Tory Government introduced Fundholding which worked well, then Labour scrapped that and we are currently in Practice Based Commissioning.  If Practices are to receive their own budgets why do we need PCT's to oversee them.  This is another tier of the Health Service which is a waste of money and which could go to patient care. PCT's have been formed, merged, downsized, merged and merged again.  Why so many reorganisations which cost the Health Service millions in redundancy packages, pensions, new buildings etc. etc.  Let's look at the Health Service and streamline it once and for all.

Why is this idea important?

I am so fed up with having to do work over and over again for PCT's who seem to love coming down hard on GP's.  If they want information it is wanted yesterday, if a GP asks, they wait days, weeks or even months for an answer.  Surely it is time for unncessary tiers in the Health Service to be eradicated so that this money can go into patient care.

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