I  regard 'cold calling' by call centres on BT land lines as an invasion of my privacy. These average 3 per day. The BT Preference service does not work. The suggestion is that those who complain should have their phone lines monitored at their request for three days. Guilty parties would then be traced and fined. Those who are unconcerned by the disruption of their work and unconvinced that only the vulnerable suffer from these 'offers' would continue to enjoy the privilege. Obviously, this would require advance public notification of the penalties attaching to this practice.








Why is this idea important?

Because one pays for a land line for one's own communication needs. For those who work from home including in the evenings this is an abominable distraction and intrusion. We do not pay our phone bills to be the target of harassment. Moreover, many of these so-called offers are scams. The more vulnerable are the only ones who will fall for them. They are an incentive to some to get into debt. There is no section of the general public which benefits from these invasions of their privacy. This is an abuse of one's liberty to ignore advertizing.

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