That all veterans of the Armed Forced be treated equality in regard to the provision of pension rights, and that the 1975 pension act relating to service pensions be amended to ensure that those who served this country in the 50s, 60s , and early 70s be awarded the same pension rights as those who served after April 1975.

Why is this idea important?

Many members of the general public may not be aware that ex military veterans who left the Army, Navy or Air Force before April 1975, and had not completed 22 years service (16 for Officers) are not entitled to a single penny of pension even though they may have served for 10 , 15 or even 20 years.

BUT, a veteran who  has completed just 2 YEARS service and left after Apil 1975 is entitled to a full pro- rata pension for the service they completed.

Groups of ex service veterans have been fighting for this injustice to be changed  for years , but to no avail.Both Labour and Conservative Governments just keep harping on that the cost would be too great.

The cost of giving 1 in 3  of all top civil servants a pension pot of over £1,000,000 is not too great for these governments, or providing  for MPs to ensure they have a “Comfortable” retirement.


This coalition government is shouting about creating a “fairer and more just society”, well here is an ideal opportunity to show they mean what they say — GIVE ALL VETERANS EQUAL PENSION RIGHTS.

Many of those who would be affected by this change are some of the poorest people in the country, so the cost would not be as enormous as the civil servants advising the government content (they are the ones with the million pound pension pots !!–did i mention that ??).

Bye giving these Veterans the pensions they should be entitiled too, they would lose out on pension credits, so the overall cost would be markedly less than the government trumpets. Also most of these men and women are already in there 60s, 70s, or  80,s, and with the governments dragging its feet for so many years a large number have already lost the right to a pension by dying –maybe they are just waiting for the rest of us to go ??

Yes i must declare an interest, for i am one of these veterans , with 10 years service, as a bomb disposal specialist (Ammo Tech) which finished in 1974 , so i lost out by just over 12 months, and our friendly civil service tell me that the information about the changes to pension policy were in the public domain for over a year before i finished , but you dont get  many whitehall bulletins while buried away on explosive ordnance duties in the wilds of Mid Wales, or spashing about in the mid atlantic.

I strongly believe that the government of the day kept this change to legisation “out of the lime-light” as a ploy to minimise future costs.

Many MP’s have voiced their support for this campaign, but without Nick Clegg and David Cameron getting the Government to support this change , then we, the veterans will have to keep fighting for  justice until someone listens

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  1. I joined the RAF in 63 and started mans service in 65 left in oct 69 after serious illness in hospital and then trying to remuster to a different trade, with little help from MOD. What happened to my 4.5 years of service, I, now nearing retirement don’t have any pensionable credit for that time so in effect the MOD and successive governments have stolen 4.5 years of my working life.

  2. I served from 1960 to 1969 in UK,Norway and Malaya. 9 years before I started earning a pension, but what do we expect from politicians. They start wars and sit in their offices sympathising with losses, but really could not give a damn. Spend 50bn on a railway line, forget the soldiers per 1975

    1. I served from 1959 – 1968, including three years in Malaya and Borneo during the conflict with Indonesia. Then three years T.A.Service ,like thousands of other guys and gal`s I have no pension to show for this time. A pro-Rata pension could make a big difference to me.

  3. Why are we refused Jsa housing benefit just because we have a pension mine is £9600pa and not entitled to shit all I spent 30 in army but we are the forgotten by all politicians

    1. The reason that you are not entitled , add OAP to service pension and you are well above allowances.
      I get about half your pension and qualify for nothing

  4. Joined as a boy in 1953 and served until 1967. Served throughout the cold war. Served six years unaccompanied overseas. Drafted to the Nuclear Test Program at Maralinga. Was a weapons technician and bomb disposal technician. What did I get for all that. Nothing. Not even a thank you from the government for my service.
    Government admitted that provision was made to pay pensions but chose an arbitrary cut off date to save money. My money. When are they going to make this right?

  5. I served from 1970 to 1977 but because I was under the age of 24 when I left I did not qualify

    1. I think they make the rules up as they go along I too served from 1970 too 1977 I was 24 yrs 2 mths and they said I don’t qualify was 24 on leaving the 1975 rule is bullshit it should for all service men , who served not time limits

  6. The rules on taking pension at 55 is also not available to veterans unless you are terminally I’ll. Again unequal with all other civil service who can with draw at 55 years of age since June/ July this year.

  7. Those whom serve should all get a pension irrespective of when they served problem is those running this country are only interested in their own pension and golden hand shakes.
    Rich looking after Rich. Voted in by the Richest

  8. stop mp expenses and put the money in the pension pots!
    I served 22.5 years and certain people,s get more on benefits ,which is more than my pension!

    It,s been noted in the paper,s and on the news about mp,s expenses , and yet what happens? They end up in the House of Lords .

    A joke!

  9. MP s Fiddle there tax fiddle expences and get made a Lord with more fiddles, IF we did it the only thing we would get is JAIL.

  10. it is about time all these MP made a stand and BACKED the forces in their Pensions and their Pay which compered to a Police man is that wide you would not believe it they are not even on the same level as post man, railway worker and many more and yet expect them to put there LIVES on the LINE ALL THE TIME.

  11. hi I joined up in 1965 to 1974 ( army ) I believe all the service personal that served for that long in any service should get some sort of pension when the government send you of the fight there wars you got more if you our your family ( if you got killed ) at lest the family would have got something so I think it is about time the government got off the backsides and had a look at these pensions for the service personal that severed that long

  12. 3 RRF 1963-1971 always though I would get a pension when 65 no such luck when applied I was told you join to early

  13. Joined RAF as a Boy in 1959 Demobbed Dec 1973 ca me out with the grand sum of about £200. Brilliant.

  14. I served from 1970 t0 1981 i was burnt on hohne ranges in germany by chieftain coolant i have been told i cannot claim due to time lapse is this so, I have tried but to no avail.

  15. I joined boy service April 68, into regs in 70 and left in Jan 77 and been told I will receive absolutely nothing. How can this be fair when today only 5 years qualify for service pension benefits ? In my opinion, this ruling is ageist, unlawful and what is more galling and sullies both mine and other service men and service women’s service to the country. I will be appealing this as far as I can.

  16. All ex service personnel should receive a pension, irrespective of when they served. They did the time now show some appreciation. Service before the age of 18 should also count towards your pension.

  17. Fortunately, I do receive a preserved pension as I served from 1969 to 1978 and again from 1981 to 1984, and in the TA between those dates and also from 1985 to 2003 which is not pensionable. My wife was not married to me whilst I was serving in the Regs.we got married in 1987. I was married to a previous wife and had 2 boys with her but it seems that when I die so will my pension, in most other cases were a pension is earned, this would attract a 50% pension, irrespective of when I got married. Not only servicemen serving before 1975 are penalised but so are those who have remarried after serving

  18. I served early 64 to late 69. I was in Far East, Aden for almost 2 years and Germany rest of time. I emailed MOD when I was 60 and told I couldn’t get a pension as I came out before 1975. I also joined 23 SAS TA in Leeds when I was 27 and didn’t get paid while I was there. I was told by SAS that Royal Signals should pay me and told by Royal Signals that SAS should pay me. They rob you blind all the time.

  19. Look look ..

    right now we have flaky lying journalists as ministers … people who would simply break down and cry harassnent under a right oldfashioned rifting.

    These people have no clue what went on through the sixties how the bodies of young innocent soldiers were sarcrificed to the lusts of W 1 how the minds and lives of these soldier of \\\\\\\’the sixties\\\\\\\’ were destroyed…


    In recent years we have had investigations into the Savill man, Ex PM\\\\\\\’s Ministers Lords and Famous singers forget about the sidesaddled pianist.. have these investigators ever taken the time to investigate the horrendous and barbarous atrocities that went on in London District…

    The point; perhaps it is time that a few of those abused young boy soldiers to came forward…

    Their stories of rape and sodamy in LONDON W1 would blast even the FA out of the NEWS..

    Its time some of those boy soldiers to cone forward, you have been quiet for to long.

    They in the Whitehall and MOD circut raped and sodomised you at will.. and in 1975 while still in Whitehall raped you over again by cutting you out of the veteran pension net..

    Your mental state your drinking, violence, inability to form relationships, wife beating and even sadistic or masochistic tendencies folowed you wherever you went: you became what they created.

    Now those very same rapests and sodamists are drawing their secure pension while you more than likley languish in an institute, no veteran package for you or your poor ass for the loss of your self esteem was sarcrificed to the lusts of Whitehall.

    You were ashamed to discuss it even with your mates.. why … because it was the trained soldiers or your NCO who sold your innocent ass to that respectable man from the ministry.

    What has this to do with Pensions? if you have to ask its been a waste of time!!!

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