I would like to do away with the law which says that carers over pension age cannot have carers allowance because they receive a pension.

Under 65 yr olds can earn up to £90 per week in addition to their allowance  but if you are in receipt of a pension you get nothing.

Banning us from receiving carers allowance must surely be age discrimination and therefore illegal.

  I am 69 years old I get a miserable £52 per week pension and I care for at least 16 hours per day. Sometimes I am working until 1.00 am, but, I am entitled to nothing. I am exhausted.

Most people get a pension of over £90 so it wouldn't cost a fortune to bring pensioners in line with the working population by ending this discriminating law.

Forget these people asking for increases, at least they get something and they are young enough to work.

Carers allowance  would buy me just a little bit of help so I could get my life back.

Why do the government HATE the elderly so much. Does anyone care about elderly carers?

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because you are risking the health of many elderly carers who could end up being taken into care themselves. They are doing a very good job but please STOP discriminating against them.The current law is putting their health at risk and could end up costing the government a lot more money.

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  1. I could not agree more. My husband has Parkinsons disease and I have just checked the internet and I am astonished to learn pensoners are barred from having carers allowance WHY? What can be done. Overlapping whatever that means is a load of nonsense. Is there anyway around this ridiculous rule

    1. I have recently reached pensionable age and what’s changed?

      Not a lot, I still care for my Mum in my own home 24/7, have no real social life and continue to save the government a fortune by not abandoning her to the state.

      Oh yes – there’s just one thing – I NO LONGER QUALIFY FOR CARERS’ ALLOWANCE.

      Thank you so much DWP.

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