My next door neighbour deplores my use of cannabis. She is devoid of an education and therfore does meaningful work as a care worker, she often likes to point out how hard she works for minimum wage cleaning and caring for the old and i applaud her for doing so, what urks me is she attacks me for being an educated individual and hates the fact i sit down all day running company IT systems – perhaps i listened a lot more at school.

What really annoys me, is the fact i live in fear that one day she will call the police on me for using cannabis and for growing a very small number of plants for my own use (she thinks i grow in my Garden). Most evenings during this not so bad summer, she sits outside in her garden and mixes wine and beer and whisky, it is aparant that at her age of 54 the booze has taken it's tool on her health, she and her husband have labeled me as a druggie and are unaware of the fact that they are druggies too. There green recylce bin is full of wine and beer cans every week. Sometimes of a weekend they are so drunk they cannot get into the house without falling over.

The police have no problem arresting people like me whom have a quiet smoke and would walk right up the drive and bypass the couple next door totally smashed on alcohol.

I personally have lost all rspect for our criminal justice system and also Nick Clegg and david cameroon unless the issue of cannabis is addressed properly – if Nick clegg passes down this oppertunity to reform the laws on cannabis – then he is just another lying hypocritical leader


My fear is the whitchhunt for cannabis users will continue until such a date of state failure, which could be closer than a lot of you think




Why is this idea important?

Because i dont want a prime minister whom is younger than me moralisng about what is right and wrong to educated grownups!

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