I think we should device performance taxation system for very high earner jobs which attract and affect public interest such as  footballers and bankers.Their taxes should be linked to their performance which means that if they failed to deliver high performance they should pay higher taxation 80%. On the other hand if they delivered good performance, worthy of their income, they will pay the usual rate for high income.  For instance they should pay higher taxation if their teams lose matches or their organisation lost in profit. After all, they get paid this large amount of money because they are supposed to be good in what they are doing and if they failed to prove that, they should refund some of this money back as taxes.i.e if anybody did not supply a service which they were paid to supply, they should refund the money back. We can call it 'performance taxation'and it only apply to certain jobs with income >1.5 million/year. This will really motivate them to achives higher standards e.g train harder and try to perform well toI keep their wealth.If we did this here, the whole of Europe will follow. This will be win win situation to the country. If they perform well, the country will benefit from their performance and if not the country will benefit from their tax money.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it will not only give us a new venue of income but it will also give us highly motivated high earners who have a lot to loose if they did not deliver what they paid to deliver.

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