To remove the requirement of businesses small or large to register & pay to play copyright music during the workday.

Why is this idea important?

As a small (husband & wife) business working from home, we feel pestered by the 'Performing Rights Society' every couple of years, when they demand payment from us to cover the use of public broadcast of music – when we explain our situation they delete us from that years trawl but know we will be contacted again, why!!  For one thing as a small business like many others working primarily from home we don't come under any requirement but mainly if I'm out in a clients location or small shop and they happen to have background music or radio broadcast on, it can be uplifting.  I'm pretty sure for those in repetitive work-locations a bit of light music or radio chat helps the day go by quicker and probably more productively, there is a chance that any music heard might be purchased that wouldn't have been.  I feel strongly that this added check on businesses small & large is total burden and would be an ideal candidate for deletion from any regulation.

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