Bonfires and wood burning smokeless fuel are causing a lot if detrimental negative consequences to the environment and public health. PM2.5 is harmful amongst other toxic particles that are emitted when burning waste and the government is keeping this quiet and not educating the public about its harmful effects.

We need the government to step up and take appropriate action for this problem that is causing so much damage to the pollution levels and to the quality of life of residents who are subjected to it on a daily basis with little support or control over it happening.

If anyone is able to start a petition on then please do so because it is the best way for this to be heard to help action to be taken.

Why is this idea important?

It matters because our quality of life is being affected and causing detrimental affects on the air quality of our planet which in years to come will change the way our children are able to live and survive on this planet.

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  1. BAN BONFIRES Completely!They are Anti-social, often toxic & damage the environment.. When BST starts,for some reason we became the Capital of bonfires.. day after day,early morning & all through the night (can’t open windows) we have to put up with polluted air. We’ve moved on from cavemen!!All this talk of climate change & carbon footprints.What a joke!! Lovely sunny day..sitting in the garden relaxing,then someone decides to fill it with smoke.. unbelievable!! If smoke is seen on the horizon,a fine is handed out.

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