Current Traffic Sign Regulations disallow the usage of the ‘metre’ on Road Signs, forcing the use of the ‘yard’ instead. This forces the use of an old fashioned measure which is so close to the metre to be a modern metric alternative. . The yard is so close to the metre that many road signs that show a distance in yards are actually positioned ready for metrication. Eg you often see signs for 110 yards, which is 100m so signs would not need to be repositioned.The word metre could be abbreviated to ‘mtr’ to avoid confusion with miles. The yard is currently always abbreviated to the letter ‘yrd’ anyway which is 3 letters.

Why is this idea important?

The yard is a redundant measure that has already been replaced in all other walks of daily life by the metre. Eg fabric is sold by the metre, all athletic events are run over metres etc. The aim of my proposal is to allow usage of a measurement with which most are already familiar. This is particularly important for signs for hotels, pubs and other roadside businesses. All overseas tourists are unfamiliar with yards which is not used on any other road network in the world.

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