Humanitarian plea for the Liberal Conservative coalition to make some cetaceous snorts against the imprisonment of The Tokyo Two – Greenpeace activists imprisoned for exposing illegal whaling activities.
At the same time, you could practise the sincerest form of flattery by adopting the new Japanese policy of fitting every new home with its own renewable energy source – batteries included!
I also support Greenpeace’s new [r]evolution energy policy document for decentralised energy.

By the way, the coalition is not the Greenest government ever – this government persists with trying to put one over on the people of the flying pig of nuclear power without subsidies: you seem intent on being a curse on your descendants and everyone else’s.

These two issues are civil liberties issues, as well as environmental issues. The Tokyo Two are being used to intimidate whistle-blowers. And nuclear power is a failed command economy solution, which already requires 800 nuclear police, recently incorporated in a larger force. Freedom and security are not compatible with the horrendous threats posed by fission energy productions.

Why is this idea important?

The state cannot over-rule the law, in the case of the Tokyo Two – a potential threat to us all.

The future may have to hold a truth and reconciliation enquiry into why they were made a convenience of, over nuclear waste dumping. It is criminally irresponsible to hold to ransom generations to come, when there is an energy inventions revolution going on.

The nuclear lobby is trying to frighten the public into the belief that they will freeze without nuclear power. That is lie. There are many safer and less damaging ways to provide people with the power they need, provided the will is there to provide them. The government has a crucial responsiblity for this and will be held to account.


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