I t should not be for others to decide whether we continue to suffer physically and mentally when terminally ill without quality of life,independance or dignity.Equally it should be a personel decision as to whether we continue suffering in a extreme physical and mental  condition that renders life without quality, any form of independance or dignity, and no possibillity of improvement.

Those against assisted dying usually have religious and ethical reasons to support their objections. However, it is not for them to decide  that others with unbearable conditions continue to suffer terminally or without hope of any improvement in their appalling condition.

The disingenuous argument continually used by those against is that  many old people would be coerced to end their lives takes no account that just being old would not be a condition for requesting the ending of life.

I suggest for such for an important act potentially affecting us all individually  a referendum is most appropriate rather than 650 MPs casting  votes according to their own views on how we should all be treated if in such a critical situation.    

Why is this idea important?

No circumstance should prevent us  from having personal autonomy over the choice we wish to make affecting our dimise in extreme situations of our suffering. Only we know how intolerable our position is and therefore only we are qualified to make an end to life decision that affects us. 

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