Why are we forced to confine our sexual activities by Law to those that certian individuals are only worhwhile?  So long as the act itself doesnt harm someone against there will (BDSM) then why shouldnt we be permitted under Law to take part in those activities? The only sexual crimes that should be illegal are those that are harmful to those that dont wish to be and those aginst children. the so called extreme pornography is only called so because those that are in office and wish to control our every thought and action feel that if they said publicly that they arent botherd by "extreme pornography" or even that they would like to try it and enjoy it, they know that they would never again see the inside of parliment.

Why is this idea important?

If the act doesnt harm anyone that doesnt wish to be harmd and can be stopped at any time then it is clearly and restriction of human rights and freedoms. Is it possible to sue a goverment I wonder?

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