I work in Birmingham and feel as many others do in the pharmacy industry that:


1. PNAs – Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment is a good idea but this assessment should allow for central governement funding as PCTS always say we have NO MONEY. Thus pharmacy cannot offer. What a waste of tax payers money on such a useless exercise.


2. COntrol of Entry rules should be tightened as they were prior to 100 hour exemptions etc immediately and the desirable and necessary test implemented within the PNAs. Also Appeals to the NHS litigation should remain as New proposed measures will not allow this and Judicial review from the applicant will be required to the Courts. Ludicrous but wont this cost the NHS more money than having a NHS litigation board as exists.


3. GP Commissioning – wow. Well what about Pharmacy Commissioning. Let an Pharmacy do the same as what GPs are being given power to do.



Why is this idea important?

Reduce Beurocreacy and money that is being wasted or will be wasted in near future. It cost NHS £30,000 per annum pert new pharmacy even if we do not need one (i.e. 100 hours opening next to health centres and in health centres when there are enough pharmacies in the locality).


Pharmacy rather than PCT can then commission local enhanced services jointly with other healthcare professionals.


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