Repeal the discretionary powers for an officer to arrest photographers. 

Any real harm to be done with a camera is already covered by 'materials useful to terrorism' or espionage legislation.

Why is this idea important?

When I saw officers indecently assaulting an arestee, then deliberately knocking to the ground a member of the public with a land-rover, my camera stayed in my pocket as I knew I would be next to get stripped in public and bundled into the vehicle.

The IPCC failed to respond to a complaint accompanied by a written description of the events.

The current legislation, much like the terrorist stop and search powers are being abused as a convenient 'discretionary' excuse.

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  1. Although this is not a crime, it is. A action that will get you targeted by American intelligency agencies, as is any involvement of a civilian reporting on government activities when they are now acting in a criminal capacity, the targeting of American civilians in our country by Homeland Security, FBI, NSA, Fusion Centers, Local and State police, Infraguard, National Neighborhood Watch groups, Citizen Corps, etc. This program is well documented and has led to the deaths of many Americans. There are now support groups in all fifty states for targeted individuals. The actions of these agencies are criminal and the agencies and people involved in this program need to have charges brought against them and be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed against American civilians. I have been targeted since 2012 in three different states after having to flee my home state of 49 years in a effort to escape the terrorist activities these agencies direct against civilians never charged with a crime. I suffer assaults, repeated break ins, drugging, poisoning, stalking, vehicle tampering, theft, etc on a daily basis and have since 2012. The actions of these government funded agencies can only be compared to the actions of the SS in early Nazi Germany. We need the help of our elected officials who have knowledge of this program yet refuse to speak out against it. This program has grown to large and is to well documented to keep silent about it, now is the time to put a end to this State Sponsored and Funded Terrorism, this will not resolve this issue though till all parties involved are arrested and brought to justice, I am documenting the actions of these agencies daily, am facing felony charges after being set up and framed as homeland security and the Harris county police were running exercises i n a subdivision where I had bought a house to remodel, Harris county police officer Munoz constantly harassed, trespassed, stalked, etc before he and Harris county police raided my house and jailed me. The reason for this eight year assault on my life is me being the 911 grassroots organizer in Alaska, and a website I had reporting on government crimes that was facing popularity at the time my house was raided. I started this website again when stalking followed me to Houston aTexas it was taken down as all other websites I had all communication hacked and blocked and house burned down. This is shown if you look at the history of the site on These programs must end now for each day that passes only escalates the ramifications the knowledge of such criminal acts taken by government agencies will have when brought to light, there is no doubt the time is growing near for there is to much documentation to keep this silent much longer.
    NSA whistleblower William Bonney and Kirk Wiebe help explain this in detail.
    NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart also has much information. The view count does not indicate the actual knowledge of these programs, only the censorship taking place in all American mass media and social networks.

    Thank you
    Keith Lankford

    I have contacted all us Senators about this repeatedly

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