The Physical Agents (Electromagnetic Fields) Directive is currently being processed into a UK Regulation after a delayed programme following the realisation that MRI scans would be adversely affected.

There is little evidence that exposure to EMF in the workplace causes long term illness and the areas of work that are affected already have control and measuring systems in place. The rest of industry do not need this Regulation as it will require SMEs and larger companies to invest in measuring, monitoring and training (probably creating specialist consultants costing additional fees) to satidfy a Regulation – but with no improvement to the health and safety of the workforce.

The symptoms given as the need for a Regulation are not experienced by the majority of workers this will impact upon.

Please can we prioritise our Health and Safety efforts in reducing real workplace risks?

Peter Walker

BCSA, Health, Safety & Training Manager.

Why is this idea important?

To reduce the uneccessary beurocratic burden on SMEs.

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