I don't know whether this is the same in other areas of work than teaching, but in teaching…students at university studying an undergraduate degree do not get paid while on placement, yet post graduate students do get paid.

I suggest that students on placement should get paid (much like those doing apprenticeships get paid for training through working), whether or not they are undergraduate or postgraduate.

Why is this idea important?

When on placement, we are being trained in teaching, and therefore the school does deserve to receive some money for training us. However, we are also teaching their class, doing the planning and assessing etc. Especially in cases where the school is not supportive, and students are left to do these things on their own, we deserve to be paid for this time.

It is unjust that undergraduate students, who are doing the same amount and type of work as the postgraduate students, do not get paid simply because they are studying at undergraduate level. Those on postgraduate degrees are not necessarily any better qualified (no offense postgrads)….their undergraduate degree could be in anything! We should have the same rights!

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