we approached east lindsey borough council regarding a small paddock that we were offered to rent, to train our dogs for agility, we were informed that we would have to pay £125.00 for information and then apply for change of use and planning,that would have been more expense, for just  2 hours a week, but we could use it for 28 days without planning well would you believe it they would not accept us using the 2 hours accumulated to make up the 28 days no each time we used it would count as a day. there would be no change to the paddock no construction ???  




Why is this idea important?

i can only say that the parish we came from were dog friendly and helped us to the extent of renting us a pieced of ground

i think that should a piece of ground that does not involve erection of buildings or any other form of changes and for such a short period of time should not require planning and should be left up to the owner, but by all means notify the council of intentions

epecially when farmers rallies are not subjected to these  planning regulations

no objection within the defra farming rules as the landowner had already checked this out

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